A fun day for a change

For once, I will write about a totally different matter that is not in sync with the blog theme, and is instead about just me having a great time :)
Color Me RAD - https://www.facebook.com/colormerad5kau

I volunteered yesterday (Sunday) in the Color Me RAD 5K fun run here in Eastern Creek in Sydney, in support of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, and felt wonderful. The day started at around 7am, when we volunteers were stationed behind the package pick up booths to distribute the free t-shirts to the runners. Pretty busy, but the fun was yet to start.

Around 9am, we were taken to the first color booth and stationed to 'color bomb' the participants - we were called the "Color Bomb Squad" :). We had boxes of purple colored-corn starch, ready to bomb the participant as they ran through the station. It was heaps of fun, and I couldn't stop laughing as some people tried to sprint past to try to avoid being colored (hah, you wish!), while some were shouting when they were bombed at, while a few others still were walking gallantly through, challenging us to bomb them as much as we can. Few children wanted the color, but were wary of it at the same time. I have never laughed continuously for so long ever in my life. The weather was quite nice and sunny, but not hot, just perfect.

Unfortunately, we soon realized that we were running out of color too soon. I did as much as I could to make it last longer, and soon found a big queue of people asking to be bombed. Of course, I ran out too quickly :( It was sad to see people disappointed that they could not get colored. I admire the spirit of the people, as they were trying to get the color from the color soaked ground, and even rolling on the ground to get the color! I wish I had taken my phone with me so that I could take the photos. They don't seem to have uploaded any recent photos in facebook or their website, so I had to be contented to use a photo from one of their past events above.

After the run, people were dancing to the DJ on ground, while the staff was handing out more color bombs. Everyone was laughing, dancing and having fun. While I waited for my husband to pick me up, I stood and watched them, and felt at peace even with the loud music blasting nearby, and people laughing, shouting and running. I was standing alone and smiling. Have I mentioned it was great fun? I really regret not taking my phone to take the memories with me electronically. I would love to help out next time too. Hopefully there will be more color then! :)

I think I need to mention here that the main volunteers of the event were the Rapid Relief Team (there were only 5 of us who were individual volunteers) . The team has been actively helping out the community in times of need. This was a different type of event for them, where they were just trying to get themselves more recognized. I think they did a great job, managing such a great event. Kudos to RRT!