The jabs continue

I've been taking Gonal-F since last week, and from tomorrow, I'll start Luveris. That's of course on top of the Syranel that I had been taking. Bloodworks also start soon, and then the Ultrasound. If everything goes well, I'd expect the Egg collection to be next Monday/Tuesday.

(I know I'll jinx it by saying this, so let me touch some wood before writing this, haha)

I have been unexpectedly relaxed this cycle. There were a few small dramas with the jabs hurting just that tiny bit, or me panicking for a few seconds when all the Gonal-F did not go in a single shot, but that's nothing compared to the chaos in my head in my previous cycles - natural or FET or the fresh IVF.

Being a bit busy with your friends and families helped. From cancelled and re-scheduled parties that I had to organize at my home, to my parents selling our family home to buy a new one, to taking hours to get ready for a friend's party and arriving ridiculously late, all helped. Although I did not watch as many games in the World Cup as I planned, following it, and watching it a few early morning helped. I am hoping that looking forward to our anniversary next weekend will help me this week. We haven't planned anything yet, but thinking about a quiet lunch or dinner according to the weather...

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get a successful outcome this cycle. And trying my best to keep the negative thoughts at bay. Hopefully my next post is as cheerful!

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  1. So good to hear that things are going well and you've managed to keep yourself positively distracted. I'm knocking on wood, crossing fingers and saying little prayers for you that this cycle will be successful! Keep up the good job! : ) xx