We're booked!

So we are booked for Egg Pick Up (EPU) next Tuesday. I'm excited, but very nervous and scared at the same time. Mainly because of the conversation with the nurse at our fertility clinic. The story goes like this:
I rocked up to my blood works + ultrasound today at CD11. Things moved pretty fast during the ultrasound, and the first thought I had was 'is that it? think there was only time to find one or two follicles in that duration?' Turns out there were total 12 measured. But only 3 of them are above 10mm - 14, 16 and 16 to be exact. The nurse who explained the results to me compared my result for the last cycle, and the number and growth are lot worse that what they were last cycle. Just for reference, for my last cycle on Nov 2013, Progesterone (P4) on CD9 was 2.6, Estrogen around 4000. US on CD11 showed 4 follies larger than 20, 7 between 15 and 19 and few more smaller ones. But P4 was 3.9 on CD11, and 5.2 on CD12, at which point it was converted into a freeze all cycle.
This cycle, P4 on CD9 was 1 (which is a little reassuring) and today at CD11 was 2.6, but the number of follicles of good size is really disappointing. The nurse was suggesting that we wait a bit longer, do another ultrasound on Monday, by which time the other follicles would probably catch up. But I remembered that my FS had said we should try to do the egg collection earlier this cycle so that P4 does not rise again. So I mentioned that to the nurse, and she discussed further with my FS, and instead of waiting after an US on Monday, we are booked in for EPU on Tuesday. Plus side is that P4 is probably going to be OK on Tuesday. Negative side is that I may not have enough eggs collected or fertilized on Tuesday. I am well aware that quality is more important than quantity. We just need that one miracle embryo. If the number and size of the follicles are a compromise for their quality, then I'll happily take it and not worry a bit. But of course, we'll won't know if that is the case. Its just one of those uncertainties that is an integral part of this journey.
I was much more bloated by this time in the last cycle. All I have this cycle is pretty sore boobs and (sorry, TMI) too much EWCM. And I have no idea what it means.
Hopefully the one watching from above knows exactly what the plan is, and hopefully the plan is good. Till I find out myself exactly what is the fate is for this cycle, I am just trying to keep myself busy by surrounding myself with people I love and books that make me forget. I have got a trial month of Scribd, and it couldn't have come at a better timing!

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  1. Oh my gosh, all of that sounds just so complicated - I'm not sure how you keep up with all those numbers and what they all mean!! Wishing you all the best for Tues and that they'll get to retrieve some super-eggs. Rooting for you big time from across the pond!!xx