A year in infertility blogsphere

It's been a year full of uncountable blood tests and ultrasounds, few Clomid cycles, 2 fresh IVF cycles, 3 transfers resulting from these cycles, which led to 2 failed FETs, and 1 miscarriage. I'm also 3.5 years into my TTC journey, which has resulted in bucket loads of tears and heartache. Since my recent miscarriage, my heart has remained full, and spills through my eyes with the slightest encouragement from external factors. This 'journey' makes us stronger everyday, but also strips us of our faith and hope, and knocks us down again and again and again after we finally are back back in our feet. It's a very difficult journey, but through the blogs and other online support network, I am so thankful for not feeling alone here. I am always humbled by the strength of the amazing people I've come to know through this year. I'll keep praying that each of our infertility journeys ends soon for us...

As for my TTC update, I am getting used to the idea of waiting one more month. Not only can I do more scans, I'll also get more time for my body to heal. Hopefully we can have one FET this year before we head for our trip. We'll try naturally while we can't do IVF, but of course we won't hold our breath for a miracle those cycles, cause we know better.


  1. It's a bit of an unfortunate milestone to reach, so I'm just sending you many virtual hugs. Really hope that this time next year you'll either be far, far away from the infertility blogosphere (thanks to being a momma) or hanging around here in a different capacity, as a PAILs blogger who cheers others on from the other side.

    I'm so glad that you'll (hopefully) get to squeeze at least one FET in before your trip. I'm crossing my fingers and everything that you'll have some happy news to share before the year is at an end.xx

  2. *hugs* I hated hitting that milestone, and the overall time it took with TTC. Fingers crossed we both get a FET in soon.