On the roller coaster again - my first FET

During December, I was so sure that my AF will appear during Christmas break when our clinic was closed which would mean I would have to wait the next period to start FET. Christmas, and new year came and went, and 2014 promised a good beginning as AF arrived on the 4th of Jan instead, when the clinic was fully open and back in business. So yes, that mean's I am registered for the FET finally. The nurses mailed me the paper work, and also called me last Friday to explain the process, at least the first part of it. I was booked for a blood test on CD12, but since I O'ed on 11th back in Sept, I did not want to take the risk, so I asked them to test me on CD11 instead, which was yesterday. Later in the afternoon, they sms'ed me saying I was ovulating and that they have booked the transfer for Sunday!
The O part was a bit confusing, because the OPK (IC's) was not positive when I tested before I left for bloods. So I tested after getting the SMS, and it wasn't a full positive yet. I did another one this morning, and finally the test line instantly showed up and was darker than the control line. But I decided to trust the blood test, and forget about the OPKs.
I then went for an ultra sound too this morning. A quick one, where I was confirmed that the endometrium thickness was great (12mm). I was also told that the left ovary has one follicle ready to ovulate, so of course either we don't BD, or risk having twins.
What I don't know yet is any news about the thawing embabies. I wanted to be totally relaxed this cycle (and its so much easier to do that in an FET cycle than a full IVF cycle!), so I haven't taken a lot of thought into what I eat and don't eat except of course the prenatals that has folic acid too. I guess I will find out soon enough if it was a good idea or not!