Dating scan

Sorry for being MIA, I had been too busy or tired to update. But no news is fortunately good news this time, at least for now.

The dating scan went well, with our poppy growing right on track at 8w5d and perfect heartbeat of 189. So mesmerized by the little thing!

I haven't stopped worrying that symptoms are coming and going, but I am starting to be more hopeful than all doom and gloom. Minor bouts of morning sickness and back ache is all the only thing that is a physical reminder, which I am thankful for...most of the times ;)

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  1. Oh, I am so pleased to hear this!!! Such beautiful, beautiful news. I'm glad you're able to start feeling a bit more positive. It's so tough, though. I pray that the next seven and a half months will pass by with only positive news to report. Lots of love to you.xx