Earthquake in Nepal - need your prayers and support

This has been a difficult weekend for us. I am in business trip in Europe, and have been watching the news about earthquake in my home country Nepal, helplessly, with tears streaming down my face. So many stories of strength and hope and people working together and supporting each other. But so many more of destruction and loss....

My parents and relatives back home are fine. But there are still so many tremors coming back, some big ones as well, so they are all trying to survive out in the open, with what little supplies they had at home. Water supplies are running out, its cold and and it has started raining..

I won't write long, as I am sure you can get the details in news. I am just writing today to request all of you to pray that this ends, that much more lives are saved, and that there are no new casualties/diseases appearing. I would also request you all to open your heart and donate generously. I am using a Nepalese community in Sydney to donate, but please use any reputable donation agencies like RedCross, Unicef or any of your favourite charities.

Please also forward/share this request if you can. Any help at all that you can think of will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear this. My prayers go out to the people in Nepal.xx